The launch of ‘The Wild Goose Lodge Movie Trailer’ took place on the main stage at the National Ploughing Championship, County Laois, Ireland. The Premiere of the movie took place in the Savoy Cinema, O’Connell Street, Dublin.

In Ireland 1816 a group of armed men assembled in a church at midnight and swore a blood oath to avenge the deaths of three of their fellow Ribbonmen.

What they did that night would have the most devastating consequences for all involved. Neighbour was set against neighbour in those troubled times, when cruel laws meant death for the slightest breach of the law.

Now for the first time on screen the story can be told. ‘Wild Goose Lodge’ based on a true story and filmed in and around Reaghstown, County Louth where these terrible events occurred. This exciting movie will shake you to the core. Two hundred years on, join us as we make our deadly journey to Wild Goose Lodge!